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In 2003, PJ's Corner was established by Phyllis and Janey Fisher as a treasure trove for nostalgic products that feature a look from the past.

About Our founders

In 2003, PJ's Corner was established by Phyllis and Janey Fisher as a treasure trove for nostalgic products that feature a look from the past. The idea of PJ's Corner Gift Shoppe formed several years before the store opened. This mother-and-daughter team often spent their time creating small, handmade items and writing children's books. As they did this they would talk about owning a store of their own. 

In 1999, they started writing a children's story called Children of the Desert, which is a gathering of childhood memories of Phyllis' life in the Arizona desert. Phyllis also worked with her cousin—Sam—to write Twiglet, The Little Christmas Tree. At the same time, Janey started creating greeting cards with a rustic, original look. 

In 2002, they came up with the name "PJ's Corner" while on a trip to pick up a corner cabinet that Phyllis had inherited from her parents. The "P" stands for Phyllis and the "J" for Janey. As they brainstormed all the way to Oregon and back, PJ's Corner Cabinet was shortened to "PJ's Corner." The long trip gave them the opportunity to finalize years of planning. 

A Family History of Paper Dolls

Phyllis has been sketching and drawing since 1956, and she has been making paper dolls since 1971. Her original inspiration was her family. She created a line of dolls to represent her children and grandchildren. The original dolls included Chrissy, Melly, and Janae. Over the life of the company, the paper doll collection has grown. The style and flair of these dolls was applied to a number of products made by Janey.   

About Phyllis 

At 75 years old, Phyllis Mae Richardson Fisher still enjoys playing with paper dolls. She is the seventh of eight children born in the Arizona desert, on the Jago Ranch in Arlington. Raised in Ajo, Arizona, Phyllis remembers plenty of good times and memories associated with her siblings. One memory is of Phyllis and her sisters making their own paper dolls. 

As a young teenager, Phyllis' family moved to Redmond, Oregon. It was here that she went to school for commercial illustration and design. She graduated from Oregon Institute of Technology in Klamath Falls. Currently living in Pecos, Texas, she still sits down at her art desk to work on her portfolio!

About Janey 

Janey is working toward receiving her Associate of Arts degree in computer science from Taft College.  Designing and maintaining the websites and blogs for PJ's Corner has been a real pleasure because of the quality time she has spent with her mother.

The Importance of Family

Family is very important to us. Phyllis and Janey want to express their deepest thanks to their family members who have worked behind the scenes to make the dream of PJ's Corner Gift Shoppe become a reality!!! 

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