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Contemporary Doll Collector Magazine March 2008

PJ's Sally Ann paper doll in Contemporary Doll Collector MagazinePJ's Sally Ann paper doll in Contemporary Doll Collector Magazine

PJ's Sally Ann was featured in the March 2008 issue of Contemporary Doll Collectors magazine.

PJ’s Products…

As a mother and daughter team, we designed our products to bring back the nostalgia of yesteryear. While our products are educational,their beauty and grace bring paper to life!  Everything made in matching designs, helps create that perfect gift! 

Inside PJ’s Corner Gift Shoppe there are seven areas, PJ’s BOOKCASE, CORNER CABINET, GALLERY, PAPER DOLL FACTORY, PHONE BOOTH, ROLLTOP DESK AND SNOWFLAKE DEPOT.  Inside each of these areas are paper doll books, coloring books, greeting cards, gift cards, postcards, notecards, writing kits, stationary, seals, children’s books, bookmarks, paper doll coloring books, mugs, coasters, notebooks, notepads, pillows, mousepads, puzzles, and totes. 

  The paper dolls outfits, designed in PJ's Paper Doll Factory, include everyday clothes, a western outfit, a wedding dress (on the older dolls) and pj's all nestled among artsparks on each page!!  Family Friends, International Friends, Little Animal Paper Dolls, and Rueben ‘n’ Rachel from our new children’s book, Twiglet: The Little Christmas Tree start the list of over 100 paper dolls that will be joining them in the future!!

One category of greeting cards has a central blessings theme.  For example, Christmas Blessings, Valentine Blessings, Thanksgiving Blessings, Birthday Blessings, etcetera.  It is our goal to have cards for all occasions as well as thank you, just because, thinking of you and sympathy cards.

We are the official home of Twiglet: The Little Christmas Tree, a children’s book of discoveries, friendships, and miracles.  Jump aboard the Snowflake Express to find all the companion products!

It is our sincerest hope that our products bring you and your loved ones hours of entertainment and fun, bringing you closer together by creating lasting memories!!!

Remember to look for the miracles around you,

Phyllis Mae (artist) & Janey Loree (designer)

Twiglet: The Little Christmas Tree

Twiglet: The Little Christmas Tree

This story of discoveries, friendships and miracles, in the lives of twins, Rueben 'n' Rachel Oliver, is set in the little town of Snowflake.  The twins learn to help others when the townspeople help them settle in with their Gramma Oliver in her little old cabin, down a little old lane, among the tall pine trees.  It is on Gran'pa Shepherds' Christmas Tree farm where they find their first discovery...

The Official Home of

Twiglet: The Little Christmas Tree

PJ’s BOOKCASE ~ Twiglet: The Little Christmas Tree, Cece: The Little See-Through Paper Doll, The Little Animal Paper Doll’s Adventure. Paper Doll Books, Coloring Books, Paper Doll Cut Out & Coloring Books,

PJ’s CORNER CABINET ~ Mugs, Coasters, Pillows, puzzles, totes
PJ’s GALLERY ~ Momma’s Pictures
PJ’s PAPER DOLL FACTORY ~ List of Paper Dolls
PJ’s PHONE BOOTH ~ Phone Case, Phone Books

PJ’s ROLLTOP DESK ~ Greeting cards, gift cards, postcards, notecards, writing kits, stationery, seals, note pads.

PJ’s SNOWFLAKE DEPOT ~ Seven Stop Train ride listing all the companion products for Twiglet: The Little Christmas Tree.

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