Photo of Phyllis Mae Fisher

Meet The Author & Illustrator...

Phyllis Mae Richardson Fisher

(Born May 14, 1936 on the Jago Ranch near Buckeye, Arizona.)

Phyllis is the seventh of eight children and lived in Arizona until at 13 years old her family moved to Redmond, Oregon. Graduating from Oregon Institute of Technology after studying Commercial Illustration and Design, Phyllis had a natural artistic ability. Phyllis loves detail and put that detail into the scenes she paints on natural wood, rocks, plywood, mirrors and storefront windows at Christmastime.

Along with her daughter, Janey Loree Fisher Paschal, Phyllis owns an online shoppe, PJ’s Corner Gift Shoppe, “where paper comes to life” and has written the first of a series of “generational” books. Twiglet: The Little Christmas Tree is set in the 1800’s and while not based on fact, several family parallels do exist. “Children of the Desert” will chronicle the childhood of Phyllis Mae; the travelings of Janey Loree will be regaled in the third book in the series. Training mustang horses by Janey’s sons will be the subject of the fourth book and the fifth book will be a handwritten account of ranch life West of the Pecos.