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Keep in mind that each and every item in our rolltop desk is handmade. We strive to bring you quality pieces for you to cherish throughout the years. Matching designs is our plan, however, keeping in touch with family and friends is our heartfelt goal!  Starting with Thanksgiving and Christmas we will keep adding the special days all the year through!!

Shop PJ's to fill your cart with paper that comes to life!!! ~ Phyllis and Janey

Valentine Blessings Series...
pumpkin and candle image by Phyllis Mae Fisher, copyright Autumn, Birthday & Thanksgiving Blessings Series... These 8.5X5.5 handmade cards were created by our design team to celebrate family time in the fall! Whether near or far, family will always be in our hearts!! This "Autumn Blessings" design is available in "Autumn Blessings", "Birthday Blessings" & "Thanksgiving Blessings".

haystack and pumpkins by Phyllis Mae Richardson Fisher




autumn, greeting card, pumpkin, fall leaves, candlesfall greeting card, fall leaves, pumpkin, candle

birthday card, fall leaves, pumpkin, candle, birthday card, blessings, fall leaves, pumpkins, candle, butterflyBirthday Blessings: "You are more precious than gold! Birthday Blessings!!

thanksgiving card, fall leaves, pumpkin, candle, butterflyThanksgiving card with fall leaves, pumpkin, candle and butterfly

Thanksgiving Blessings: "Thanksgiving time is a memory time, With traditions to uphold, Remembering the people in your life, Who are more precious than gold!"

Thanksgiving Series...

This 8.5X5.5 handmade card was created with Rueben 'n' Rachel, the twin characters, from the new children's book, "Twiglet: The Little Christmas Tree".  

Rueben 'n' Rachel Thanksgiving Card Rueben 'n' Rachel's Thanksgiving Card Rueben 'n' Rachel's Thanksgiving Paper Dolls Rueben 'n' Rachel's Thanksgiving Paper Doll Clothes